Being an earning Australian national or non-resident Australian, ultimately makes you a taxpayer by law. A taxpayer have several duties to discharge honestly and we all know about that. However, being a taxpayer makes you entitled to enjoy certain rights as well. You have various rights and you should keep yourself up-to-date. A huge document is available on the website of the ATO (Australian Tax Office) and they used to call it as, “Taxpayer`s Charter”. We appreciate our readers that they should consider reading that document in full to learn more about their own rights. Still, we know a majority of our readers cannot access that charter as they seldom get that much time for reading stuff like this. Here comes a few important points from the “taxpayer’s charter”


Being a taxpayer,


  • You are entitled to claim for the deductions wherever you are entitled
  • You have a right to access to information wherever required
  • You have a right to go into the appeal against tax assessments
  • You are free to approach commonwealth ombudsman against ATO and its decisions
  • You can question the government about the application of your money they had have collected as, “taxes”
  • You are entitled to seek professional support for the handling, processing and supervision of your tax related matters
  • You have a right to get represented by a legitimate tax professional before the court or other qualified authorities